Minister of Higher Education meets Ain Shams University physicians’ delegates to train on advanced lung transplants in Tokyo

Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, met with the medical team from the Department of Scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to train and qualify the first medical team in Egypt in the field of lung transplant surgery from donors. Tokyo VII for African Development (TECAD).

Dr. Hiroshi Diet, professor at Kyoto University, one of the most famous donors of lung transplantation, participated in the meeting. The Egyptian medical team includes doctors specializing in surgery, anesthesia, radiology and laboratories.

During the meeting, Abdel Ghaffar called for increasing the number of trainees from various Egyptian universities in the field of lung transplant surgery, praising the ability of Egyptian doctors to acquire more skills that will help in healing patients.

Dr. Hiroshi praised the efficiency, skill and discipline of the Egyptian team, and expressed his readiness to receive more Egyptian doctors for training in this field.

It is worth mentioning that training courses have been announced in the fields of precision medicine, including (lung transplantation) as part of the ministry's plan to support and acquire skills for young Egyptian doctors and researchers.

Ain Shams University, represented by the Faculty of Medicine, has nominated (7) faculty members to travel to Kyoto University to study and train lung transplants.

The minister also instructed the Egyptian Cultural Office in Tokyo to prepare for the second batch of doctors during the next few days.


  • Sep 2, 2019